Hey my people 😉 i haven’t told you it) but ….today i had a great evening with somebody….lol

She’s  blogger..and ‘m reading her blog about month now…love her posts 😉 and was so happy to have this chance to see her)

Was a bit surprise when i got her message in vk.com….anw….we met around 7-30 p.m. and went to Guaba)

was talking about 1.5 hours about life…bloggs…and many things 😉

Maybe some of you know her ( guess i have some common readers).Yeah it’s Dafna)))

omg..i was jealous of her tan……:D I’m living here..but can’t get it )))

Also she looks like Aguilera 😉

I really enjoyed time..Even we didn’t have a lot time..but was so interesting )))

She is cute and nice;)

http://dafnasouthwind.blogspot.com/ —here is her blog)

Hope you’ll like it)Kisses!

P.S. Daf,thanks for wonderful time )