Hey guys, I missed you so much.

Sorry for those days..but really was busy …and had some problem with internet 😉

Let me explain you what happened)))

First of all i decided to move from my boyfriend, i mean to live alone……NO NO NO …WE ARE STILL TOGETHER…everything is okay…but i think it will be good for both of us 😉 cuz we had some problem…but now we will see how things will go 😉

Second, I’m living NOW ALONE…wohhooo 😉 *clapping*

All these days was unpacking my stuff..ufff…was so fucking tired..and didn’t have internet…

BIG  THANKS to  uncle Fotis…he fixed it today..so nice i can talk to you again 😉

Do u remember Saturday we went to Paphos…uh?????

here is some picture and also video ….:)

On the high way


Happy me

and here is a video ….