I’ll admit I know next to nothing about fashion and I can’t really stand Lady Gaga, so when I see that she got the prestigious Fashion Icon award at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, I must say that my immediate reaction was WHAT?

Then I saw what she wore. Some of you may feel that this is ignorant on my part and that I maybe need to “get with the times”, but seriously. She looks to me like she couldn’t decide what to wear, so simply chucked on some black bags and sticky taped her dogs collar to her lady-parts.

And of course there was the almost obligatory wardrobe malfunction as she stood posing like someone checking to see if they have bad armpit odour for the fawning photographers. Ah well, I thought. It’s just me. I suppose this is what fashion is all about?

Until I saw the pictures of her accepting her award and at the after party. Then I realised it’s not fashion at all. It’s just another classic case of “one day people will realise I don’t sing all that well and so I better find other ways to put myself out there before the Fame monster vomits me out again syndrome”.