Hello my sweets,I missed u so much…..I swear!!!!!

And as i can see my dashboard…u missed me too 😀 hehe

These 2 days was so damn amazing……Clubs,bars and beach…awwww..what could be better??????))))))

I jut came home..and so tired..but I know that my dear readers was missing me too much…so have to update news))))

So..let’s start….:)

Everything started from yesterday shopping in Limassol….but i’ll do a post a about shopping tomorrow ….

The we came to Paphos and straight went to bar…..

Bistro coffee bar,Paphos

Then our guys was playing cards (which i hate so much !!)

but my boy is smart…and was always next to me

and then…of course Mojito

after 30 min was next glass of mojito 😉 hihi

and food (jack potato with cheese and ham)

on the way to Flairs (Cocktails and bar)

our table 😀

me and my favorite Pino Colada

and just a sweet couple

and we are sweet too 😉

then we were passing one souvenir shop (for information: some souvenir shops in Cyprus working all days) and i really liked this hat (and i got it ) 😉

then we moved to another club (don’t remember name)

anw…i was drunk…so was dancing alone 😉 ahahah

and last picture of saturday…we finished at Rainbow Club

And i have so much pictures,but problem IS …….my baby waiting for me…cuz we are going for running…as soon as i’ll get back home…i’ll update more pictures with more info 😉