I’m so tired today…but anw i ll write a bit abt my trip to Agia Napa…..

As i said i was talking with Angelica (http://nyheter24.se/modette/angelicablick/) about 20-25 min. till Kenza was getting ready.

But when she came….I gave her flowers and and my present 😉 she was so happy….:) She asked me how do i feel and how long i’m in Cyprus….of course it’s not a secret “I’m here about 2.5 years”

Then I asked her “What she’s thinking abt Agia Napa?Did she like it?” She said “yes….to much….)”

Then i just asked her abt her dog…..(i didn’t know that she’s living with her bf.I though he’s coming just sometimes).She said that he’s looking for Mani 🙂

Then I asked abt her family…..(what she answer “only between me,her and Angelica”) 😉

Then we made some pictures,video….i wished them to hit Napa and party hard 🙂

was a wonderful day (even it was raining) 😉