Miss u all ;)how u doing??

Today is 5th of March…ohhh…..the end of first month in a spring..:( anw….year just started

Today had a funny call from Russian wave…;) I was on my way to Nicosia..and during the trip i’m always turn on Russian wave,which is only in Limassol….i used to send msg sometimes….Type of message was like “hey Vlada.(she’s VJ)have a nice day.and put please Quest Pistols(or any other tune) ahaha…”

Today was very quate…i send msg something like “Which cofee shop is a good in Limassol?” After 10 minute i got call..It was Vlada…ahaha…i was shoked..she was talking to me for a 10 min. and she asked me to be tomorrow as her guest ;)awww…..good idea…of couse i said “yes”…dunno what we gonna talk about….but From 10 a.m. put ur radio station on 105.6 fm 😉 (Only for Limassol).

For those who’s not from Cyprus u can easy find Russian wave 105.6 fm in google search…but check ur time…;)