A little humor about the reasons why we as humans should not fall in love.


Have you ever had the feeling that when your in love, and you should be happy about being in love but your not? You just feel this utter desolation that makes you want to scream in frustration until one day you decide to pack up your bags? Well I have composed a list of reasons why you shouldn’t fall in love. Please note that this list is just for fun and should not be taken seriously.

  1. To much compromise. What I am trying to say here is that when your in a relationship, all you do is compromise your beliefs for that of your partner and are expected to do that with a smiling face, when your partner doesn’t make any sacrifices at all. Why should you put up with that? I don’t think you should have to.
  2. Not enough discourse about the subject. What is meant by this is that people are not logical enough about their choices in relationships. Most people base what they are feeling off of lust, and not actual love. Love is supposed to be something based off of true feeling, not because that person is hot or not.
  3. To much focus on what a person looks like. I’m sorry to say this but most people in this country will not date someone who is 5′2 and 200lbs. Why? Because she is a big girl, but on the other end of the spectrum a guy who’s into bbw’s (big beautiful women) are not into that very same girl because she’s to skinny for them.
  4. Love is a fetish. I believe this because most people today, will NOT have sex without love. Why? It will be meaningless, and they want something more out of it. Unfortunately, because love is a fetish, they will find love in anybodies arms. Not just yours.
  5. Love is like a shaken up soda. This is just to say that love when you’ve fought for days, and days for something stupid is like a shaken up soda ready to explode onto the real reason as to why your hating on each other at the moment. That reason? Usually because you don’t want to be with that person anymore.
  6. Love leads to eventual cheating. Like most relationship, love can be a powerful thing within that relationship but sometimes it isn’t enough to keep a guy faithful. Smother a man in love, he will veer off into the arms of another woman who will not smother, and then on the other end if you do not give him enough display of love he will veer off to the arms of another and blame it on you. Why put yourself in such a heartache?
  7. Love is altogether a painful emotion that makes you want to rip your heart out and get rid of it. It is an emotion that just makes you want to scream in frustration, cry in agony, jump for joy when its going smoothly, and altogether makes you just want to die when it goes wrong. Why put yourself through it?
  8. Love makes you act foolish. Love makes you jealous, love makes you do silly things like jump off a pier and into the ocean, love makes you dance in the middle of the street, love makes you walk in on your boy or girl and find something you don’t like. Love makes you prone to violence IF you see something that hurts you from your mate.
  9. Jealousy. Jealousy is a big indicator in love. Love should hold nothing in this, but it does. Love is a powerful emotion that invokes other emotions willingly or not.
  10. You can get hurt easily. This is my top ten reason. Who really wants to get hurt? I surely do not so why are we doing it?