Anyone who says “I never feel jealous” is very likely lying. The truth is, all of us feel jealous about certain things people have, accomplish, or maybe don’t have. There is no ‘magic answer’ to rid jealously from your life but there are some tips to keep it in check and hopefully overcome this tendency so you can enjoy your own life.


  1. 1

    Take a personal inventory. Make a physical list if you need to. List all the blessings in your own life. Start with your spouse if you have one, children if you have them, friends, family, and even the monetary blessings. Do you have a place to live? Are you able to read this article(so you have access to the Internet)? and so on. Be as detailed as you can. This will help you focus on the good things in your life.

  2. 2

    Understand other people’s lives are not always how they appear. You know the saying “Be careful what you wish for…”? That is true when feeling jealous about someone else’s life. Most of the time, it is not at all how it appears. Once you realize that it is very likely they are not happy or they had to work through the same feelings you are having, you will see there is really nothing to be jealous of.

  3. 3

    Be happy when other people succeed. Try to see other’s accomplishments and achievements and celebrate with them. Instead of always desiring what someone else has, try to embrace them as people and celebrate with them knowing that when your time comes, they will celebrate with you as well.

  4. 4

    Know your potential. Be confident that your day is coming. You will have your time of achievement and success. Focus on those goals and celebrate when you achieve them. Your friends and family will celebrate with you.