What is the sexy side of life? What makes you feel sexy? Really, even, what is it like to feel sexy? What causes a person to see something or someone as being sexy? Can a car be sexy? Is a person sexy in one particular fashion or outfit but not sexy in another? Is a person who is nude sexy?

Does sexy have to do with outward looks or the complete package? Does sexy necessarily mean a look or trait that produces sexual arousal? Can something or someone be sexy without being defined as being sexy or is it necessary for an observer to deem the person or object to be sexy? Thus, is sexy absolute or is it a subjective? Are there degrees of sexiness? What is sexy to one person may not be sexy to another and vice versa.

I n referring to sexy people, sexy isn’t defined by the clothes a person wears or the way a person attempts to look or act. Sexy is something that you see in that person, something that flows from them naturally. This something reaches out and touches you causing a stirring within you. As you sense this “something”, your very being acknowledges it, and that place deep inside you feels the charge from it. This may happen to you but not to the next person that sees the same. What is sexy definitely lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Sexy is what makes a person do a double take. A person who is sexy turns heads; demands a second look. A sexy car has the same effect. But is the sensation for the observer different when seeing a sexy person than when seeing a sexy car? Can a person have a definition of sexy that would encompass the raising of different sensations by different attributes in different things or people as being sexy?

Isn’t it good that different people find different looks and attributes to be sexy? That way each and every person is appealing to somebody else. So everybody is sexy – but only to some people. There are no rules in defining sexy. There are personal tastes and preferences, but no rules. Sexy, for some, goes well beyond physical looks into areas such as confidence and composure while for others it stops at physical looks.