I only miss you when i’m breathing…..

hey blog)

I had a great Saturday here in Nicosia.First of all,me and Mitra went to the dog show….in a small village next to Nicosia….it was really nice to see different kind of dogs 😉 and a bit play with them and get some pictures together.

Then i came to Maria house and we were chilling at home…getting tipsy before going to club)Around 12.15 we were in the club…OMG…..it was so fucking full…..we had really fun..and what’s happened after it wasn’t good at all….but it’s a bit private info)Anw….i’m off to Limassol…to go back to life!muaw





I’m sitting across from you …..And dreaming of the things I do

Hey blog )

It’s was kinda good day for me…woke up not late at all…..and got a bit tan on the roof ;)Most probably will do it tomorrow again 😉

We had an earthquake today….Omg….i though we r dying…:))) Cuz roof was shaking…..and to be honest….there is nothing to be thinking about.

Sometime I’m sitting and thinking….if it would be strong earthquake what would i do…..what would i take with me….whom do i need to call….But today ….laying on the roof and enjoying sun bays i was so calm…hmmm…yeah that’s me…You can call me weird….but it’s me 😉

I made a purple highlight on my right side of my hair…what do u think?Is it cool?)))



Hey guys,thanks for staying with me)I got few messages on my private page and e-mail from you!It’s really cool to get something from reader and know that someone is really care about my blog.

I have decided to do blogging,but not promise you to write everyday.Just few times a week. At least to make you happy 😉


xoxo,ur Krista Ashleez!

“Loreal Paris”Perfect Clean

Here you go…i bought this such a nice foaming cream cleaning for a face….

I tried many cleaning creams for my face…but in 3 days i feeling like I’ve got my baby skin back ;)so nice to feel it again)))))) So…i recommend this amazing skin protected ;)hehe


Deep pore cleansing.
Perfect Clean changes the face of cleansing with the Scrublet®, a soft & flexible cleansing brush. Perfect Clean gently removes dirt, oil & make-up for a deep pore cleansing experience. Fragrance free & soap free, this formula is specifically adapted for dry & sensitive skin. Gently cleansed, your skin is left soft and smooth.

30th of April 2012

Woop,guess who is here?)))

Lol…i decided do not blogging everyday…cuz it’s really boring to do this everyday for 2-3 times….i did it for few years..lol

I had a grt weekend,was out and about…Then had barbeque party yesterday…..i love it….and i’m sure i’ll not gonna lose any kilo during this period….Ohhh Gosh…kick one time in my back..ahhaha Maybe i’ll care about beauty of my body much more 😉

Anyway today is so beautiful day…i’m planning to cook chicken la cream with rice and get my ass out for a walk then…and u?)))))


Picture from Saturday night out ;)was pretty cool night )

27th of April 2012

Good morning)

What a nice day..it’s so sunny today!I really love the weather 🙂

But time to get ready for university and a small trip with a friend :)Must be lots of fun)

Will not blog too much,but at least will try to do one post maybe 🙂

Ohhhh…will miss this sweety Simba ❤


26th of April 2012

Good morning blog 🙂

I woke up with a feeling that somebody made a pee on my feet….Oh Gosh…it was real…..and it’s cuz of Simba.I love him,but i think it was that moment when he got got his first punishment…..Peeing on a bed…..no way!!!!

Now i’m drinking my coffee and enjoying Ringer 22nd episode…so interesting….Then i have some stuff to do and getting ready for tomorrow classes!

                        Picture of Simba:When u feel u r guilty!lol

Hello there ;)

Hey guys,it was lovely to see that there is a people who missed me here….and i guess cannot get to used my new blog…hmmm…..almost a year ago i moved to a new blog portal,but now i’m back…and hope to be as good as i was before ;)hehe

Thanks for being here and waiting for me 🙂 I really love it!

Keep going…soon will have few more interesting posts ;)xoxo Asleez